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Full Body Massage
Massage is specifically designed to smooth and relax muscles, removing
aches and pains and muscle stress while relieving tension. Massage
enhances oxygen flow to the circulatory system and helps to remove
toxins from the body.
£40.00   Time : 60 mins
Full Body Massage Plus Scalp
As above plus a Scalp massage also relives tension and headache
while stimulating the hairs own natural oils from the roots for a shiny
look and fill.
£45.00   Time : 1hr & 15 mins
Back, Neck, Shoulder, Massage
This massage focus on the areas that can often cause problems and leave
aching muscles feeling as good as new.
£25.00   Time : 30 mins
Back, Neck, Shoulder, Massage Plus Scalp
Please see above
£30.00  Time : 45 mins
Indian Head Massage
An energetic stress.busting therapy which works on the muscular tissues of the neck
shoulders,scalp and face to relax or stimulate the body and help it maintain harmony.
The treatment provides relief for mental as well as physical stress and can help to loosen blockage and build up tension. On an emotional level it calms the spirit, promoting
relaxation and  well being.
£25.00   Time : 30 mins
Pergnancy Massage
For many women, the ultimate way to reduce stress and really relax is a full body massage.
This is even more true during pregnancy, when a massage can not only soothe your jangled nerves but also help ease some of your body aches and pains, as well as reduce swelling in hands and feet and even improve the quality of your sleep.
                        : Massage recommended after 3 month :
£25.00   Time : 30 mins                         

Back Facial & Massage

Treat your back the same as your face"
From minor to major back breakouts, this relaxing treatment consists of steaming, massage, removal of blemishes, deep cleansing, and the application of a therapeutic mask. To finish the treatment I use a rich body cream. No steam with mobile
50Mins     £35