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Men's Grooming


These days, men are just as concerned as women are about looking and feeling their best in all areas of their life. The modern man knows that everything from a great haircut to how they look and feel about themselves has a large impact on their lives.

Even men want to have great looking skin. Gone are the days where a man just washed with a harsh soap and faced the day. Many men today work out, are active in sports and a variety of other activities. Frequent facial washings and showers can dry out your skin.

Shaving daily can also irritate your face, and there are those men that are born with sensitive skin. Whatever your skin issues may be, from dry to oily Dermalogica skin care products will meet your needs.

Dermalogica products will make your skin feel fresh, smooth and well moisturized.

Pubic Bone/Buttocks only     £22.00
Buttocks only                     £12.00 
Full Back / Chest                £20.00
Half Back                          £12.00
Shoulders                         £10.00
Stomach                           £10.00
Full leg                             £24.00
Hands                              £5.00
Feet & Toes                      £5.00
 Eyebrows                         £8.00 

Manicure              ...............................   £18.00
Nail sock &  file, cuticle removal, Hand & Arm massage.nail buff.

Pedicure              ..............................    £25.00
Foot spa,Nail filed hard skin & cuticle removal,
Sea salt & oil exfoliation to remove rough skin from your feet
Foot & up to the knee massage.
Dermalogica Facial
This facial will be tailored to your individual requirements and will leave you feeling refreshed.
I will give you a thorough skin consultation, which will assess your needs, wants and problems. This facial is designed uniquely for your skin and can include ear/eyebrow tidying, masks and massage.
I  provide a dedicated, professional advice. Prepare to feel spoilt.

£35.00   Time: 60mins                                        


Skin Kits For Men                                                                                                                                                           


skin condition:All

Want a low maintenance relationship? Get the answer to low maintenance skin care with our functional, balanced products that are suitable for every day use. 

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